Your Asian wasn’t quiet

I created this poster in May 2008 after seeing Michelle Schwartz’s Your Mom Had Groupies.  At that time I was thinking a lot about how the “model minority” myth is used to reinforce the idea that keeping your head down will bring rewards from the white majority.

Since that time, I’ve had the opportunity to hear Helen Zia and Grace Lee Boggs speak.  I met Curtis Chin and ran into the Angry Asian Man.  And this is  what my Asian America looks like.

I appreciate the fact that so many people have embraced this poster.   But I have been seeing it used without attribution in a number of places.  It would be great if the image could be credited. The top photograph is by Roz Payne. Thanks.

Edited to add:  Thanks to those who kindly added the credit.  The four photographs on the bottom are of Mari Matsuda, Yuri Kochiyama, Helen Zia and Grace Lee Boggs.

7 thoughts on “Your Asian wasn’t quiet

  1. Seriously, that photo is gold.

    Black power to black people, yellow power to yellow people.

    I’m sure that scared some caucasians sh_tless back then, any idea when it was taken?

    Cheers, and good job on the poster!

  2. psssht! Thank you! And sorry! I was one of those, but am updating my sources as I write this. Thank you so much for this incredible piece <3

  3. @Chimaobi
    Not sure of the exact year, but im guessing 1968-1969, that slogan (Black Power to Black People, Yellow Power to Yellow People and so on) was made popular by the Black Panther Party which was gaining widespread political support during this time period as they were progressing and chapters were popping up all over the nation, and also led the the emergence of the Brown Berets (mainly in East Los Angelos but also in Denver Colorado and parts of the southwest) which was organized by Chicano people, the Red Guard which was organized by Chinese people, and The American Indian Movement. This slogan was widespread among many of the “radical” political movements of the 1960’s and 1970’s

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