Do not pass go.

Thanks to Raina for pointing us to this story.

So Chase Bank closed Ikenna Njoku’s account and sent him a cashier’s check for the balance.  Which was $8,463.21.  Njoku went to cash the check at a Chase branch, but the teller was suspicious.  Police were called, and Njoku ended up in jail.

That was on a Thursday.  On Friday, Chase discovered oops, the check was legit.  So somebody from the bank left a voicemail for the detective handling the case.  Who was taking the day off.  So Njoku stayed in jail until Monday.

His car was towed from the bank parking lot and then sold at auction. And he lost his job.

And nobody even said sorry.

4 thoughts on “Do not pass go.

  1. That story made me SO freaking angry. It’s a year later and Chase has done nothing to compensate this man.

    I was talking to older black coworkers about this yesterday, one of whom was wrongfully foreclosed on by another mortgage co., and we were discussing the difference in our responses. I, in my early 30s, am still shocked by this kind of thing sometimes, because I didn’t grow up with this blatant crap in my face. They are both older and talked about how it’s not surprising – not even out-of-the-ordinary.

    Almost in resignation.

    IMO, heads need to roll for this – and Chase owes Ikenna a brand new car. Plus whatever else he can get from them. I’m *still* pissed.

  2. The egregious footnote is how, in their recent apology, they are “working quickly” to figure out how such a thing could have happened. The whole thing is just STUNNING.

  3. This story made me think of how many times people assumed I couldn’t possibly have any money, or if I had it I couldn’t have come by it honestly.

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