The internet asks.

Resistance answers.

Is a passport enough to prove U.S. citizenship for an adopted child?

Well, that depends.  Is it a U.S. passport?  Is it valid?  And who’s asking for proof?

The short answer:  A passport expires.  A certificate of citizenship does not.  Plus the CIS prefers to make its own determination of citizenship.  Get your kid (or yourself) both.

Review of “Jade Heart”?

Here ya go.  (I guess technically that isn’t a review.  So here’s the short version:  Bad.  It was bad.)

How do you say rock paper scissors in Mandarin?

剪刀 石頭 布!  Although that’s technically scissors rock cloth.

Why do minorities hate white people?

Well, I can’t speak for all of us, but don’t you think there are lots of good reasons?  In any event, I’d guess most of us don’t hate whitey

What nationality is Fujita?

If you are referring to Scott Fujita, he is a U.S. citizen.

When do we use “I’m fluent in English”?

Again, only speaking for myself.  I have said this a number of times, typically when people try to whitesplain something.  Like the person who told me that maybe I didn’t understand what the word “nationality” meant.

Why should we resist racism?

For the good of your immortal soul.  That is all. 

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