Update 04/29: Enin has selected Yale.

Eight for eight.  Congratulations!

Kwasi Enin was accepted by eight Ivies.  Also three state schools and Duke.  If you don’t feel inadequate enough, he also plays three instruments for chamber orchestra, has taken 11 AP classes, participates in track and field, sings in an acappella group, and is active in theater.

Also he volunteers at a hospital.

Also, since I know you want to know, his parents immigrated here from Ghana.

USA Today seems to want to downplay his accomplishments by quoting somebody who talks about how “colleges are looking for great boys,” and how Enin’s SAT is in the 99th percentile for “African-American” students.  I’m pretty sure a 2250 is in the high 90’s for all test takers*, but whatever.

See CNN video here.

*Edited to add:  I looked it up on the College Board site.  Although percentiles are listed by individual section, assuming a 750 on each test puts Enin in the 97th or 98th percentile for ALL TEST TAKERS.  Combined score might nudge that number up.


Braille printers reportedly can cost around $2,000. Seventh-grader Shubham Banerjee built one for about $350. From Legos.  And he’s putting the information out on the internet, so people can access it for free.

Edited to add:  Banerjee’s father writes a longer explanation here.


Grace Lin

WordPress informs me we have been blogging since 2007. I am not really sure how that is possible. Long-time readers may remember that it was sinoangle’s idea, and that I whined “I don’t WANNA blog!” Famous last words.

‘Burdened by bigotry …’

This is Cristy Austin with her 19-year-old daughter, Kylie.  Kylie’s original name was Keisha Lenee Austin.  Kylie’s mother, who is white, had a specific reason for selecting the name “Keisha”:

… to her, it represented a strong, feminine, beautiful black woman. As a white woman who would be raising a biracial daughter she wanted to instill that confidence and connectivity to the culture.

“I saw it as a source of pride,” Cristy says. “I wanted her to have that.”


Kylie had her reasons for changing her name: Continue reading