Work to be done


Last night I watched the news with a sinking heart.  Because the signs were there.  The GOP chose its candidate, and the candidate they chose represents their values.  They tried to disclaim him,  but their actions spoke louder than words.

“This does not represent who I am as a person.”  How many times do we hear this response when an individual has committed a racist act?  When people show you who they are, you should believe them.  Because the best predictor of future action is past action.

So they claimed not to support his words, but they supported his bid for the presidency.  Like John McCain, they supported him because he is a Republican.  McCain said he would support him because he believed in the GOP and its values.  We’ve seen those values.

Black people shoved and pushed out of political gatherings.  A boy in a wheelchair being booed while adults kick his wheelchair on the way out.  Throw them out.  Because they aren’t a part of the United States the president-elect envisions.

I had hoped beyond hope that the election would not go this way.  Because I am a fucking optimist.    But deep down I have been holding a knot of fear that started when the candidates were elected.

Those of us who are rational and reasonable people have been too complacent.   Continue reading