Gee. What a surprise. Part II.

“Administrative error”: Salim Zakhrouf not selected for an interview.  Ian Woodhouse gets the call.  But Woodhouse is Zakhrouf, using an identical resume save for the name.

It’s Groundhog Day again.

For clarity:  My name is not the problem, as others have suggested.  Racism is the problem.

2 thoughts on “Gee. What a surprise. Part II.

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  2. Good job to Salim. As someone with an Islamic sounding name I get discriminated against often. It is your right to fight back and stand up and say, No!

    In a time when minds are being molded into dirty clay, people’s misperceptions of Muslims and Middle Easterns caused by the misunderstandings which is purposely manifested by the media and christian culture to see everything that is Islam related as foul, and to reject the congregation of peaceful law abiding citizens who give off the slightest scent, clue, or sound that they are Muslim or associated with.

    Well my brothers and sisters it is time to stand up educate people, with knowledge, with history, and especially with the law, because only when justice is served will people realize the difference between right and wrong.


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