David Martin ordered the all-you-can-eat sushi for $28.  And then he proceeded to peel the fish off the top and leave the rice behind.  That didn’t sit well with the owner, as there is a note in the menu that you have to eat what you take.  The owner offered to make Martin a sashimi platter instead but Martin wanted the all-you-can-eat.

Now Martin is suing.  He’s diabetic and shouldn’t eat rice, he says.  But for $6,000 this suit will go away.

Wonder if he’s related to the pants man.


2 thoughts on “Dude.

  1. Cohen, Martin’s attorney, said his client “has frequented numerous sushi bars and not once has he ever been demanded to eat rice upon explaining that he is diabetic.”

    His client wasn’t demanded to eat rice upon explaining his diabetes. He was told to finish the rice or pay for a sashimi platter when he was seen to be leaving the rice. He then explained his diabetes, at which point the chef offered to make him sashimi instead.

    His lawyer makes it sound like the guy came into the restaurant and meekly informed the owner he was diabetic, at whIch point the owner stood over him and screamed at him to eat the damn rice.

    Ugh. What a tool. Really, tree nuts can kill me, but I’d never dream of suing a restaurant because some of their dishes have tree nuts. OMG I’m having such mental anguish because I can’t have your walnut-containing butter tarts, and I have to order a slice of apple pie instead! WOE IS ME!

  2. My mom had this happen to her when she was a waitress. Someone ordered the lobster and steak dinner but only chewed and spit out the lobster. My mom kept asking if she could return the meal and get her something she could eat. The lady said no everything was okay. When she was done eating she demanded that she not have to pay since it was “unedible”. Apparently, she was allergic and knew it.

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