The cost of racism

Part 932.

Before Dr. Ronald E. McNair was an astronaut, he was a little boy who lived in Lake City, South Carolina.  And the Lake City library did not allow African Americans to borrow books.  Nine-year-old McNair refused to leave the library and the police were called.

Now the library is being renamed after him.

McNair was the second African American astronaut in space.  He held a Ph.D. in physics from MIT and was a specialist in laser physics.  What a loss it would have been if he had never been allowed to borrow those books.

10 thoughts on “The cost of racism

  1. “What a loss it would have been if he had never been allowed to borrow those books.”

    Umm…. If not, he might still be alive today. I get your point, but not actually so much a great example in this particular case.

  2. There is a really nice children’s book written about the day he took a stand in the library and won the right to borrow books:

    Ron’s Big Mission by Corinne Naden

    It’s technically fiction but is based upon those events. There is a biographical page at the end with the same NASA photo of him as you used.

    My kids (6, 4, and 2) loved it, and it has led to some great conversations about race and racism.

  3. jeeze. can’t imagine how bad was racism then!! Take away – listen to your heart and do not give up!

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