Fred Korematsu Day

Fred Korematsu was an American of Japanese descent who was jailed for refusing to willingly be moved to a U.S. concentration camp.  He took his case to the Supreme Court, which ruled 6-3 that the exclusion order was constitutional.

This article in the SF Gate discusses Korematsu vs. U.S. and how the case is being discussed in one school:

Sixty-nine years after U.S. soldiers herded 120,000 Japanese Americans into internment camps during World War II, she was able in one moment to make her young charges gain a new understanding of racial discrimination in America – and it was all really thanks to one man.That man is Fred Korematsu.

Sunday is his day in California, the first in U.S. history to be officially named after an Asian American, and more than 500 teachers like Trinh are using it to tell elementary and high school students about his life and its landmark place in the annals of civil rights.

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