RIP Franklin McCain

Feb. 1, 1960:  Franklin McCain, along with three other students, went to the Woolworth’s and sat at the lunch counter.  They were refused service.  Each day they returned with more people.  Across the nation, others staged sit-ins as well.

He was one of the Greensboro Four.  Story here.

“Good Samaritans have answer when robber asks ‘You guys want to get cut?'”

Brothers Joel (left) and Andrew Leach went running when they heard a woman screaming for help in the south loop.  She had been bitten by a man who stole her cellphone.  The Leach brothers chased him.  Here’s the Tribune’s account:

But the man turned on them and said, “Do you guys want to get cut?” according to the police report.

“I pulled my own knife and said, ‘Mine’s bigger than yours,'” Leach said. “He saw my knife and started running again.”

Apparently Leach must be a Crocodile Dundee fan. Kudos to the brothers for getting involved. (But am I the only person who thinks they did so at great personal risk, not just from the robber, but from law enforcement? Guess that’s just one of the costs of racism.)

They called him the ‘Good Samaritan’

By now, you’ve probably all seen the video:  A Range Rover bumps a motorcyclist from behind and then flees, running over at least one bike in the process.  Bikers in pursuit.  The Range Rover gets stuck in traffic, and bikers leap off their bikes and attack.  One pounds the driver’s window with his helmet until the window breaks.  The video cuts off here, but Alexian Lien was reportedly dragged from his car, beaten, kicked and cut.

I saw this photo posted without any explanation on a news site and wondered Who are those guys?  They looked like bystanders who got involved.  And they were.  One was Sergio Consuegra, who stepped in to protect the family.

Story here.  Almost enough to renew your faith in human nature.

Edited to add:  Interview with Anderson Cooper here.

Willie Louis, 1937-2013

His name was Willie Reed, and he was 18 years old when he saw two white men drive into a barn with two black boys in the back.  He was there when they screamed until the screaming stopped.  And the next day he learned that Emmett Till’s body had been dumped in the Tallahatchie River.

He agreed to testify.  Then he moved to Chicago and changed his name.

Story here and here.