Digital camera

I need one.  I want it to have little shutter lag.  Any suggestions?

PS:  My current camera is 8 years old.  The motor is going bad.

19 thoughts on “Digital camera

  1. my suggestion is

    i have afujifilm zf40 or something like that that they are selling for 50 bucks now, and i love mine. they dont have pink like mine though.

    i recently got a nikon d40 from them and that takes awesome pics.

  2. I’d suggest just about any Canon PowerShot model. There are way too many choices, but once you narrow it down, go to Flickr and search for the camera models. You can find photos taken with those models and see what sorts of results people get.

  3. i have three camaras. the nikon d 50 does take some really nice pictures, that is a digital slr, the drawback is that slr’s are generally large, and don’t handle humidity or wet weather very well. they are expensive, but you can build on a lense collection with most slr’s. i would never travel ever again with the d-50. i also have a cheap cannon a590, i got that in a office depot for about 100 dollars, on line it’s a lot more money. that takes really nice pictures and i never have to worry if i will wreck the camara, it’s not that expensive. i also got the canon power shot sx10, that has ten mp, 20x opt. zoom, and image stabilizer, i love that camara, it did cost almost 400.00 online, i didn’t really shop around for it,it takes really nice pictures, if you want point and shoot, just set all these camaras to program auto, that will do the exposure and focus, and you make your own settings for iso, flash, contrast.
    i have heard that the nikon p-90 is a really nice camara too, but i do love cannon.

  4. I like the Canon Elf — there are a couple of versions. I have also used the HP models and they take very nice shots too. The main difference is that the Canon has a bigger viewing screen while the HP is smaller. My eyes are bad so the Canon is winning for now!

  5. Did some camera research back around the beginning of the year after my Exilim bit the dust; these are the 2 point & shoots I was seriously considering:

    Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS ELPH
    Sony CyberShot DSC-T70

    I was also looking for minimal next-shot delay, and both were rated excellent by Consumer Reports for this.

    But ultimately I decided to graduate to an SLR. The point & shoots don’t perform as well as I’d like in low light.

  6. The Canon G10 is swell. I received this camera a couple of weeks ago and I am in awe. My sister uses the G9 (previous model) and cannot say enough about this jack of all trades point and shoot.

  7. I recently bought a Canon PowerShot A1100 IS SL.

    12 MP
    4x optical zoom, 2.5″ LCD


    I took some photos with it when I went to Grand Canyon. Good enough. I like view finder and it has one.

  8. pyschobabbler, you are right about slr’s and low light, but if the lense doesn’t have the proper low light f-stop available, it won’t work. film camaras still work better with low light over the digital slr’s unless u buy the right lense.

  9. I had the Exilim EX-Z60. Lasted me about 2.5 years. The electronics went screwy – autofocus didn’t work and lens wouldn’t retract.

  10. Take a look at the Canon SD780. Really tiny camera with HD video capabilities. It’s a really simple point and shoot, 12.1 MP, very good battery life, expandable memory by SD card. A great pocket camera with plenty of settings (including the always fun color accent and color swap).

  11. Restructure, thanks for the link. I thought almost all of the new digitals take proprietary batteries? Or is it just that the Panasonic batteries have some kind of lock-out in them that doesn’t allow them to be duplicated by other manufacturers?

    I’m mostly looking at Exilims and Power Shots right now. Was a little turned off on the Exilim by several people mentioning they dropped it and it broke. I dropped my digital camera (and so did a couple of other people) on tile and on concrete and it still worked.

  12. It says:

    Panasonic brand batteries ($40 to $80) with the security chip have never been available from Panasonic or anyone else. Users have only the battery supplied with the camera, and when it’s depleted you are done taking photos for the day. In an effort to sell over-priced batteries that they are unable to supply, Panasonic has crippled a line of fine, expensive cameras ($300 – $1,200 retail). The situation has existed for months and involves sixteen of their latest cameras.

    Today, three new cameras were introduced and each will work only with the unavailable Panasonic batteries. While Panasonic frames their decision as a safety issue, the lack of any batteries from any source [see the B&H, Panasonic, and Crutchfield websites for examples] clearly indicates this is a failed marketing ploy.

  13. Resistance, also, take a look on ebay before you buy, if there are a lot of factory fixed camaras for a particular model, then that model was probably no good. my d-50 had a problem with the mirror/shutter, the dog pulled it off the table, but a lot of people seem to also have a problem with the shutter, Nikon did a really great job of fixing my camara, their service is great, but I still like the Canon the best.

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