Out, out!

I am in purge mode.  It feels goooood!

Today I would conservatively estimate that I threw away 150 pounds of stuff. The first bag (a contractor’s heavyweight) was almost too heavy to toss into the dumpster. Cassette tapes! Gone! Old school papers! Gone! A full box of knicknacks? Gone!  Mismatched cups and bowls?  Gone!

A set of glasses, some ice cube trays, a bunch of books, some picture frames and a brand new lamp went to the thrift store. After walking around the thrift store, I have to say that I have some Grade A junk. Seriously, my junk was better junk that any of the other junk. And I don’t think I’m biased. I’m applying my new rule: If I wouldn’t buy it at a thrift store, I throw it out. That eliminates everything that isn’t nearly-new looking.

Hey, is this my high school diploma? Why yes it is!

I’m still pretty sure I can’t pack and move at a moment’s notice. But I’m closer.

3 thoughts on “Out, out!

  1. Applause!

    Nothing like the feeling of shedding a little extra weight…whether corporeal or material…

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