Lazy blogger, Saturday edition

The Lynn Chen edition.

Somewhere in the universe, a benevolent being has been uploading movies to the internet for my viewing pleasure.  I have wanted to see White on Rice (2009) (“I know there’s a lot of dishonor in your culture …”)  and The People I’ve Slept With for a while.  Also Go For Broke (1951).

Then I watched China’s Lost Girls (2005), about adoption of children from China by Americans.  Nothing you really need to see here, nothing new to learn.  Except Lisa Ling is really annoying, and she gushes about how happy “everybody” was on the day the adoptive parents met the children.  Except the children, who look traumatized.  I mostly watched this because I was in China at one of the filming locations, and wanted to see if I could see myself in the background.  Let me know if you spot me.

Anthony Federico, him of the “Chink in the Armor” headline about Jeremy Lin, writes a brief apology and a longer list of what a great guy he is.

We noted in a previous post that we rarely hear about the victims of racism.  For Kelly Orlando, witnessing the brutal beating caused her extreme emotional suffering.   Like the girls in the video, she too feared for her safety.  No word on whether she was afforded police protection.

Dharun Ravi’s trial started Friday.  The parents and brother of Tyler Clementi were present.  Ravi passed on the chance to plea bargain.  I wouldn’t have taken that bet.  Several articles have noted that Ravi is subject to deportation if convicted.

And finally, a slide show of photographs of veterans from the 442nd, who were awarded the Congressional Gold Medal.  Thank you for your service.

Sucks to be you

John Kelly’s life has been ruined.  Formerly the president of a youth baseball organization, he was suspended on Monday.  He fears his business will suffer and his children will be taunted.

For what?  He posted the following on facebook:

I’m so sick of reading about this dumb stupid N*gger Whitney Houston.”

Kelly would like you to know that he doesn’t know how that happened. Also he is not a racist and he has some amazing friends who are black.  In fact, he has no idea why another parent reposted his post since his son and her son are friends.  Just another example of how racism harms white people:

Does that make me a racist? Are you kidding me? It was the farthest thing from my mind.

Chicago Sun-Times   Southtown Star

Sorry, no.

Subtitled: So glad I haven’t yet been xangaed.

So it appears that everybody’s favorite NBA player used to xanga.  He can be forgiven for this since he was fifteen at the time.  His xanga name reportedly was  “Ch*nkBalla88.”

Asian Americans, you’re all on notice now:  You have no right to complain, bitch or whine about the word “ch*nk” since Jeremy Lin apparently used it himself. In fact, you can’t play the race card at all!  So just put away the deck.  It’s open season on racism.  I mean, good fun.

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Update to the cautionary tale of woe

Remember, folks, don’t let this happen to you!

So how to get rid of this leaking mess?

The transfer began with a large glass peanut butter jar, which I plucked off a shelf in the basement.  The first jar I picked up was unusually heavy.  Upon closer inspection I noted that the big jar had several jars inside of it.  It was the matryoshka doll of jars.  I had to look through the jars until I found a lonely barren jar. I figured it wouldn’t mind giving up its life.

Then I made a transfer bridge out of tinfoil to minimize mess.  Surprisingly, my mother did not object to this blatant waste of a valuable, reusable commodity.

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Oh internets

Subtitled:  A cautionary tale of woe in which the moral of the story is you should move every five years.

So I am busy decrapifying.  This is a lot of work.  Ideally decrapifying should be done on a regular (daily) basis.  Things should come in and then things should go out.  In the meantime, everything should be moved around and cleaned underneath, etc.  Rinse and repeat.

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Oh internets

If any of you could tell me what the names of these songs are, I would greatly appreciate it.  I have been asked to help a kid learn to play these songs.  My musical education is sadly deficient.  While I can sight-sing, I cannot sight-play nor can I read music.  Thus I am hoping to find a recording of these two pieces.

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The internet asks.

Resistance answers.

Is a passport enough to prove U.S. citizenship for an adopted child?

Well, that depends.  Is it a U.S. passport?  Is it valid?  And who’s asking for proof?

The short answer:  A passport expires.  A certificate of citizenship does not.  Plus the CIS prefers to make its own determination of citizenship.  Get your kid (or yourself) both.

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Talking about race

What is so hard about it?  What do you fear?  What has your experience been like?  Have you witnessed breakthrough moments?  What is the one thing you wish you could make others understand?  Why do you do it/not do it?

Feel free to answer any or all of the questions or maybe some that haven’t yet been asked.  I realized recently that I won’t engage at all if I think the people involved are idiots.  But this tends to make them think I share their viewpoints.

Lurker Wednesday

And open thread.  Time to unburden yourself.  Make it interesting.  I’m on deadline and won’t have time to post for a bit but will need something to read while procrastinating.  It is a blog, so it is all about me.  Thanks.