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Kary Kuwahara of Pasadena spotted this photograph of her grandmother, Kin Takeuchi, in the LA Times on Thursday.  Takeuchi was photographed on January 27, 1942, at the Terminal Island cannery.  Shortly after the photograph was taken, Takeuchi was moved to an American concentration camp.

Dharun Ravi served 20 days after being convicted of bias intimidation towards Tyler Clementi, the Rutgers violinist who commited suicide.  Apparently ICE has no plans to deport Ravi at this time.

Derrick Donchak and Brandon Piekarsky were convicted of simple assault for the murder of Luis Ramirez and were sentenced to approximately six months.  They were then tried on civil rights violations, convicted and sentenced to nine years.  A three-judge panel upheld this conviction.

And remember Chris Bucchere?  He was the cyclist who was racing down a San Francisco street when he slammed into 71-year-old Sutchi Hui, who was in the crosswalk.  Then he posted about how he chose the “least-populated place” in the crosswalk to “plow” through.  Hui apparently was thrown more than 20 feet and died.  Now Bucchere is being charged with felony vehicular manslaughter.

Finally, I’m going to hope that Francisco Reynoso will not be held liable for the educational loans he co-signed for his now-deceased son.  Reynoso made about $21,000 last year.  How was he even judged to be an acceptable co-signer?  And no one is exactly sure how much he owes or to whom, but the payment total has been estimated to be as high as $279,000.  Maybe the loan will be forgiven like the one co-signed by Christopher Bryski’s dad.

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  1. I have so many FEELINGS about the Dharun Ravi/Tyler Clementi verdict. The whole thing was such a shitshow – definitely saw white queers coming out in a very racist way against Ravi, who admittedly seemed like a total scumbag. I just haven’t formulated a great way of thinking about it yet – or maybe I haven’t read the right blog post about it…

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