‘Driver’s license nightmare continues’

Matt Powers, Deseret News

This is Irene Christenson. She is a naturalized U.S. citizen. Served in the army. Has lived in her home state for more than ten years. Became a citizen almost thirty years ago.

Christenson has a Certificate of Naturalization. What she doesn’t have is a driver’s license.

Christenson has been trying to renew her driver’s license.  The Utah DLD requires proof of legal status.  According to this news article, her Certificate of Naturalization needs to be verified:

Homeland Security needs to verify the certificate, which usually takes seconds. When that didn’t happen in December, Christenson got a temporary license and was told it would take 30 days because her certificate is “too old” and not stored in a computer database.

That was six months ago.  Please note that Christenson is trying to renew her Utah license, not obtain a new license.  You can thank the Real ID Act for this.  And remember, brown folks, get yourselves multiple proofs of citizenship.  Because you might actually want to have a bank account or drive or something.

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