Before and after

This was a photo feature in the Smithtown (NY) Messenger.  Six presidents are featured with their wives.  Five are accompanied by photographs taken after they left office.  The sixth pair includes the Obamas with a photo from “Sanford and Son.”

The publisher claims that it is “satire.”   He’s also issued an “apology” (must be non-apology apology day):

“The publisher of the Smithtown Messenger regret [sic!] any offense taken by our readers at the photographic political satire depicting the current and past presidents on the editorial page in the April 29th, 2010 issue. While we have grave disagreement with the policies of the current Administration, we hold the office of President of the United States in great respect.”

Source for the non-apology apology here.

3 thoughts on “Before and after

  1. I am sorry that I wrote what I really meant. I am sorry that you were offended ( but I was right). You were wrong for being offended. In the wonderful tradition of Marge Schott…

  2. “You were wrong for being offended.”

    Gee, thanks for singlehandedly determining our values and emotions! And you’re really sorry for writing what you meant? So much for integrity!

    Aside from being racist and singling out the only black couple for “satire”, the alleged satirization shows two characters who aren’t even married. So this failed attempt is not only racist but culturally illiterate. Bravo!

  3. Hey, umm Darth Paul, did you get what I was saying?? I was paraphrasing the publishers “apology” into what they were REALLY thinking when they “apologized.” That is why I referenced Marge Schott- the infamous baseball owner who was forced to “apologize” for saying racist remarks. My personal thoughts on all these people who have ever made racist remarks to me or anyone else, and then apologize is that they are saying, in reality, “I am sorry for saying what I really meant.” Because every racist really meant it in the first place. They are only apologizing to me or anyone else because they got confronted by someone, NOT because they are really sorry. THEY are in actuality saying WE are wrong to be offended…i.e. note above their statement “we regret any offense taken by our readers.” They are not actually acknowledging that they said anything offensive!!!!!!! I was simply paraphrasing their remarks to translate what they really meant!!!

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