They called us racists!

How dare they!

Did you ever notice how downright offensive it is to mention that another person’s words and actions might be perceived as racist? It’s an insult, after all. Vicious and unjustified. Maligning others. Reckless disregard. Unwarranted and insulting our integrity!

Apologize, damn you! Apologize!

If I had to identify the Race Card for white people, it would be the You called me a racist! card. Because obviously being called a racist is worse than actually suffering from racism. Even if everybody was very careful never to say the dreaded R-word.

Here’s some college doofus defending the honor and integrity of the guy who wrote the Heckler article in the previous post. Here’s the e-mail from Todd Olson he’s referring to:

As Vice President for Students Affairs, I am deeply troubled by numerous concerns that have been expressed to me recently about some offensive material published by students on a website unaffiliated with the University. I have consulted with senior colleagues, and we condemn these attempts at humor which ridicule people based on race, ethnicity, gender, religion or sexual orientation and which promote violence. The events documented in an attempt at  satire are in reality fictional, and the stories are deeply hurtful and potentially destructive to the fabric of our campus community.

As a Catholic and Jesuit institution we are called to a higher standard. We place great importance on open dialogue and the free exchange of ideas, but offensive and inaccurate language does nothing to further this mission. I respect the majority of students and members of our campus community who recognize the harmful nature of abusing truth in the name of satire. At Georgetown we seek to foster a community of respect, tolerance and inclusion in our words, deeds and actions.

Please note that Olson never said the dreaded R-word. And I think he lets the Heckler writer off easy. Does “vicious” describe this e-mail? Is it an “insult” to anybody’s integrity?

And note also that the college doofus refers twice to the “safe environment” that should be created. Because safety in discussions about racism is all about protecting the feelings of white people.

5 thoughts on “They called us racists!

  1. If I read this article right, he seems to think that this is a case where the people who are offended somehow don’t “get” the intended irony of the joke. This is a pet peeve of mine, when someone makes a bigoted joke and it offends people, they think the person offended doesn’t see the whole picture or can’t understand the ironic intent. The folks who are offended very likely have a very good sense that the writer meant to be ironic. They “get” the joke. They’re probably responding with a sense that the author isn’t as “in on it” as he thinks he is.

    Or–duh– maybe they’re just offended. Rappaport seems to comfortable being offended himself, why can’t he grant that to others?

  2. I have now just started saying, “You are racist.” It seems those words are moe powerful than any other and yes, I think more powerful than using the N word. Because to the people who don’t think they are the R word, and to be called it, that is the end of the world! The N word is “just s racial slur” to those same people.

    My tolerance has become lower and lower and people do not think they are racist. Well, I just have to let them know (when I have the time and energy.)

  3. Is there some kind of handy wallet-card statement that can smack down this sort of counterargument (to put it generously) and get discussions back on track? Because I’m increasingly frustrated with the fact that pretty much any time somebody challenges some form of actual bigotry, the bigots will pull this crap to shut everything down and make it all about their fee fees.

  4. A friend and I were discussing this the other night. Why do people get so, so upset at even perceiving to be called racist? Would they flip out if someone used another label that they say is not true? Like rapist, murderer, thief? Must be because there is an element of truth to it.

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