‘Racist baby slapper gets eight months’

That’s about all you need to know, isn’t it?

In February of last year, Joe Rickey Hundley was seated next to a young mother travelling with a lap baby.  The baby cried, as babies will.  Joe Rickey Hundley told the mother to “shut that n*gger baby up” and gave the 19-month-old boy a slap for good measure.

But he’s not a racist.  Of course not.  Also, he was having a bad day.

Story here.

The stupid, it burns

Subtitled: I initially laughed, but did stop when I got to the part about the guy being severely burned.

Ron Nielson, a 50-year-old Palm Bay (FL) resident, set himself on fire while reportedly attempting to light a wooden cross that he had soaked with gasoline.  His wife heard him screaming and came out and doused the flames with the garden hose.  He was airlifted to an Orlando hospital and reportedly has second-degree burns over 40-50 percent of his body.

Many of the news reports refer to Nielson’s actions as being Halloween-related.  Continue reading

‘Good deed punished? Controversial name changed but business drops off’

Ah, Ch*nk’s Steaks.  The place to go for cheesesteaks, whatever those are.  Never mind the racist name.

So after about a billion years, the owner of Ch*nk’s Steaks decided to rename it.  Even though those proud anti-PC folks screamed their heads off.  You know how they are.  They whine about everything.  They make mountains out of molehills.  They see anti-racism in everything. Continue reading

They serve vanilla


So a customer wanted to know if Wilcoxson’s delicious ice cream contained pork gelatin.  Of course the president of the company, Matt Schaeffer, was delighted to hear he had a loyal fan and rushed to provide an answer:

“We don’t deliver outside Montana, certainly not Pakistan”

Source.  Here’s the screen capture:

So much going on in that brief nine-word response.

First, it’s factually incorrect.  Wilcoxson’s does deliver outside Montana.  Specifically, it delivers to Sheridan, WY, which the first poster lists on his/her facebook profile.

Second, it’s fairly curt, even disregarding the content.  If somebody claims to “love” your ice cream, it would be good to acknowledge that.

Third, Schaeffer assumed the poster lives in Pakistan.  Which means he maybe assumes all Muslims live in Pakistan.  I suppose that isn’t too bad of a guess, since there are a lot of Muslims there.  He should have guessed Indonesia first, though.  Of course, there are millions of Muslims here, too.  And there’s this little thing called air travel.  Wonder if Schaeffer’s heard of it. I mean I’ve even been near Montana.  Not that I’d brag about it or anything.

Finally, it’s just plain dismissive.  Why wouldn’t you simply answer the question?

In any event, Matt Schaeffer’s pants are apparently on fire.  Because he claims he was overwhelmed with work and just reacted to the facebook user’s icon which read “Pakistan.”  If three brown people can spell out “Pakistan,” that is.

For those who ask “Why does it have to be racist?  Why can’t it just be stupid?” I say “Well, why can’t it be both?”

Photo by seelensturm/flicker

Worst Person on the Internet Award

The Worst Person on the Internet award hereby goes to @katiebrady12.  At least for the next couple hours.  After Sunday’s Ravens-Patriots game (which the Ravens won), Katie tweeted the following:

Hey, Smith, how about you call your bro and tell him about your wi— ohhhh. Wait. #TooSoon?

She was apparently addressing the Ravens’ wide receiver Torrey Smith, who had just learned his brother was killed in a motorcycle accident.

When I read this story, I made a lot of assumptions about Smith’s race and Katie’s race and socioeconomic background, which unfortunately were confirmed by later news reports.  Just once I wish somebody would surprise me.  The story also reminded me about the awful posts after the earthquake in Japan.  On one bulletin board that was established to help families make contact with loved ones, some people were making false response posts reporting deaths.

Just one of the costs of racism.  Because our brothers will never look like theirs.  Because they cannot maintain their own humanity,  they deny ours.