$400,000 settlement in wrongful detention case

He was an Army veteran and a naturalized U.S. citizen.  But he was held in detention for more than seven months.  Now he has received $400,000 in a settlement.

You can read about Rennison Vern Castillo’s case here.  Undoubtedly he was released in part through the efforts of the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project.  Unfortunately, people who are detained are not entitled to government-provided counsel, may not be able to obtain legal assistance on their own and often are not even able to contact others for help. Typically their relatives and friends don’t even know where they are being detained.

Detention and deportation of citizens is an ongoing problem and some researchers estimate that hundreds of citizens are deported annually.   You can read about some cases here.

2 thoughts on “$400,000 settlement in wrongful detention case

  1. This is terrifying. I meet that same description and with 4 kids at home and husband in Afghanistan, any sort of detention would be devastating. Thanks for fighting the fight, lots of people are with you.

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