Sleeping while brown

Short synopsis:  Chinese student rents a townhome.  Goes to sleep inside.  Somebody sees him, calls the police.  Police check with the rental office, and the representative says the unit is supposed to be empty.  Police enter the unit.  Officer reports he can’t understand the guy and apparently he was a menace.

So he tases him.

Then the rental agent remembers that he rented the unit a few hours before.  Oops.

(Thanks to Angry Asian Man for the story link.)

Oh, and the cop was involved in a previous Taser incident.  But he was recently named officer of the year.  Kinda like how the officer involved in the Fong Lee shooting was given the Medal of Valor.

8 thoughts on “Sleeping while brown

  1. So this would be the fault of the rental company and not the officer in question who ditifuly checked to see if the unit was to be occupied.

  2. Did the officer also consider requesting the assistance of a Chinese translator to straight out the situation before tazing him? I’m going to guess no. Had the tenant been white would he have been tazed? I’m going to guess no.

  3. If the guy had been white, would somebody have noticed and called, those busybodys are such jerks too.

    js718, checking out your links.

  4. Wow, why does this incident somewhat remind me of the ‘sleeping while black’ incident on the ‘What would you do?’ TV show

    To recap, they set up a situation where there were a group of teens vandalizing an old car, one group white, and one group black. They wanted to test whether the passers by (all white) would react differently based on the race of the vandals. And they did, the white kids essentially got a pass but for the black kids multiple calls were made to the police (who were in on the ruse).

    But here is the really amazing part. The black teenage actors had come with some friends. Said friends decide to remain in the car (a newer model car) they came in, parked somewhere totally different quite a distance away (different area, different parking lot). The black teenagers in the car get bored, and decide to take a nap. Police headquarters get the following frantic call

    “There are some blacks here hiding in a car. It looks like they are getting ready to rob someone!”

    Essentially, black teenagers taking a nap in a car in a public parking lot suddenly morph into hard core thugs about to commit a crime. I dread to think what would’ve happened had the cops not been aware that there was a show filming nearby.

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