8 thoughts on “Buy a matched set

  1. My apologies – did not mean to condescend. Clearly resistance has seen the half of it and then some. I’ve read some of the archives so I can learn from some other stuff I missed before I started reading here.

  2. Not to make excuses for white adoptive parents (;-P) but I thought CJsDaddy was using that expression as a figure of speech, not specifically directed at me.

  3. I wonder if those Chinese symbols actually say anything, or are just “Chinese-looking” things on a shirt. I always wonder that whenever I see this sort of thing.

  4. Restructure!, sorry, I thought it was interesting that you and I had different reactions. But then again, why wouldn’t we? I do find this particular expression, “Made in China,” to be especially annoying.

    Alston Adams, that particular shirt does in fact read 中国制造 – manufactured in China. But sometimes characters on shirts are gibberish.

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