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Weekend edition.

No more Y0uth for Western Civi!ization at Towson University.  (Note the head dirtbag is wearing a “Straight Pride” t-shirt in the photograph.)  The faculty advisor bailed.  You have to wonder a little about a professor of “over 35 years” [sic] who didn’t recognize “White Pr!de” for what it is.  Or maybe he did. I’m no longer giving anybody the benefit of the doubt.

Wisconsin State Senator Glenn Grothman thinks “nonmarital parenting” contributes to child abuse and neglect.  As opposed to nonparenting.  The  co-sponsor on his idiot piece of legislation, Don Pridemore, thinks that even in abusive relationships there’s an option to divorce.  “If they can refind those reasons and get back to why they got married in the first place it might help.”  Oh, okay!

They sucker punched Tiansheng Yu, who hit his head on the pavement and died days later.  A plea deal will mean an 11-year sentence.  Compare and contrast to the murderers of Luis Ramirez, who received nine years.  We already knew how that one was going to play.

And I’m sure you’ve already watched it, but the video of George Zimmerman at the police station has been released.  The story just keeps shifting and changing.  First his nose was bloodied and he had a cut on the back of the head.  Then he reportedly had his head slammed repeatedly against the concrete.  The attorney said he probably should have had stitches, but didn’t.  Then a broken nose.

Update: Michelle Le

Michelle Le is a Hayward (CA) nursing student who went missing May 27.  Now police fear the worst:  Le was homicide victim, Hayward police say.

The police must be pretty sure if they are making a statement, but the details haven’t been reported.  Just that this conclusion is based on evidence found in her car and the review of surveillance video.  For the Le family, I’m hoping this is not the case.

Last year, another California Asian nursing student went missing and was later found dead.  Her murder has not yet been solved. 

Go. Read.

The notion that Asian Americans are model minorities originated in the 1960s, mainly in reference to the socioeconomic gains of Japanese and Chinese Americans in particular.  It did not take long, however, for that very idea to be applied to Asian Americans as a whole, especially as it continues to be perpetuated by the mainstream media.  The claim is that Asian Americans (like Cubans and Jews), because of the wealth they’ve attained in America, have transcended racism and the social obstacles they have historically encountered and thus can serve as exemplars of progress for other minorities.

It goes without saying that this narrative easily obscures the willful, systemic and intricate nature of American racism: it’s a quick and false reference for those who want to argue that the social decline and regress of other minority groups are self-incurred and that opportunities for socio-economic progress is guaranteed for, if not awaits, all communities that play by the rules.  According to this logic, if America is to be multicultural, it is to be multicultural without subverting the dominant socio-economic logic and realities of American culture.

The Class Dynamics of Asian America

My new life plan

I plan to devote myself to synchronized walking. So if you see me out walking around, come join me. Longer version of this video here.  So when somebody asks, “What did you do today?” you can respond, “I watched Japanese people walk for ten minutes.”

The black guy did it.

Except he didn’t.

Story one:  Nun says a black guy raped her.  The 6′ 4″, 250-pound man dragged her for blocks, yanked off her underpants and pulled her top up before assaulting her in a snowbank.  Except it didn’t happen.

Story two:  Wife of a NYPD officer says two black guys beat her.  They hit her in the head, knocked her down and kicked her in the head and legs.  Except it didn’t happen.

Makes you wonder how many black men were harassed, convicted, put to death or lynched on someone’s word.


‘An ache 37 years long’

Diane Drinkwine with photo of daughter Sally as a baby and Sally in background on Skype.  Photo by Gary Friedman.

The story isn’t really clear.  Was Sally Inman kidnapped by her nanny?  Her brother never stopped wondering about her.  And 37 years later, they were reunited.

Story from the LA Times here.