Happy Halloween

I ate one of the bags of candy already.  Usually I buy candies I don’t like.  This time I didn’t.

Hope you have a happy and safe halloween.  If you want to read some halloween rant, use the search bar above.

Q and A

A public service provided by Resist Racism ™ for the benefit of people everywhere.

Q:  Why is there so much racism on the internet?

A:  Because it is a slice of real life.

Q:  Do white people understand racism better than black people?

A:  But of course!  Everybody knows that white people are the Ultimate Arbiters of Racism.

Q:  How are white people affected by racism?

A:  Unfortunately this is a long answer.  We’ve written a whole series.

Q:  Isn’t that racist to say whites are racist?

A:  Of course!  Everybody knows that it is far more damaging and hurtful to call out racism than to actually suffer racism.  And that racism could be ended if only people of color would stop noticing.

So glad we could be of help.  Leave additional questions below.  We reserve the right to mock.


Culture camp.  I’m pretty sure that regular readers have a good idea of what I think about culture camp for transracially adopted children.  The short version?  You can’t teach a culture in the absence of its people.

I received a forwarded advertisement for summer camp.  A camp of the world.  A wonderful experience for adopted children to learn more about their culture.  It came with a brief video.

There was this kind of stuff.  You could see white adults helping little Asian kids to make lanterns.  But then there was the scene of the wedding.  Yes, a wedding with two little black kids and a white preacher.  And what did they do?

They jumped a broom.  Yes they did.

No actual adults of color were involved in this exercise.

Yes, it should probably be added to the WIHAP list.

Yes, this is April Fool’s day.  But sadly, this is not a joke.

Lazy blogger, Saturday edition

“NYU cleared in transplant of kidney”: 37-year-old Vincent Liew received a donor kidney from a woman who was later found to have had metastatic ovarian cancer.  Liew died of cancer seven months after the transplant, five months after being informed the donor had cancer.   More information here.

Another example of how anti-immigration rhetoric encourages racism and harassment:  High school soccer fans throw “green cards” onto field during game where opposing team is majority-Latino.

More wrongful detentions:  A Chicago citizen was detained even after his mother provided proof of his citizenship by birth.  Note the end of the article:

But such incidents are not unusual, said Stevens, who went through the files of an immigration and refugee rights project and found that 82 cases — 1 percent of the total — involved U.S. citizens, most of whom had been held for one to three months.

That would translate to 4,000 of the 400,000 people detained last year by ICE, Stevens said. She also tracked 30 cases since 2003 where ICE went a step further and deported U.S. citizens, she said. In one case, it took a man wrongfully deported to Jamaica a decade to put together the paperwork to return to the United States, she said.

“Racial bias found in police officer mistaken-identity strife”: Strife?  The task force is about officers shot by other officers.  Apparently there’s an “issue of race” but not necessarily racism.

More empathy tests and the return of the purple people:  An Italian researcher tests reactions of people watching a needle poking white, black and purple hands.  Purple hands most likely to get reactions from both white people and black people.

Burn her at the stake

So an African American woman has been charged with the murder of her adopted child. And now a call has gone out among adoptive parents to seek JUSTICE! for the little girl. Write the DA! And make sure she is punished! Because “we, the adoption community,” supported Sabrina when she was unfairly denied the right to adopt because of her race.  Because she’s black, yanno, and we are all so fair-minded.

Of course, she hasn’t been convicted yet. But hey, that’s immaterial. We all know she done it.

And while you’re at it, write to your legislators and support all those various pieces of legislation to remove the “red tape” from adopting.  Because it’s so unfair that adoptive parents have to go through screening to parent when other people can just give birth.

And don’t forget to follow-up with Jennifer Alvey, who murdered her daughter from China.  She only got a year; ten bucks says she’ll be out before Christmas.

Dear water conservation experts

You really shouldn’t try to save water by defrosting food in a bowl of hot water instead of under cold running water.*  I’m just saying.  Because the water you save won’t come close to the water you’ll use in the bathroom afterwards.

I was at a party once where the host had defrosted hamburger in hot water.  I left when people started fighting over the bathroom.


*this is a real tip I received in a newsletter today.