Last seen at O’Hare

Update:  We are happy to report that Choi has been found and is with his family.

Hye Min Choi, also known as Joseph, was last seen checking in his luggage at O’Hare International Airport (Chicago) around 4:50 p.m. on Saturday.  He is described as 5’6″ and 100 pounds.

Anyone with information about Choi’s whereabouts is asked to contact the Area North Special Victim’s Unit at (312) 744-8200.

For your multimedia pleasure

Because when I grow up I wanna be like Yuri Kochiyama.

The Blue Scholars song on youtube (audio only)

The Impact of Malcolm X on Asian American Politics and Activism, by Yuri Kochiyama (pdf format).  From Blacks, Latinos, and Asians in Urban America: Status and Prospects for Politics and Activism, 1994.

Twelve Years a Slave is available online (text format).

Sin Pais, a short documentary about deportation (streaming on PBS).

Sa-I-Gu refers to April 29 in LA.  From a Korean American women’s perspective (on youtube).

Your children

Subtitled:  In which resistance cuts a heroic figure and then feels like lecturing about how it takes a village.

So last week I was walking through the parking lot when I noticed a small child standing behind a large car.  A white woman was standing by the driver’s door.  Then she got in.  I noticed the car was running, so I went up to the boy and asked him where his parents were.  I stood directly in back of the car and I could see the driver in the rear view mirror.  Continue reading