‘Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet’

I hope I’m not going to have to administer a beat down right now.  But I fear I might.  Somebody (a white somebody) gave me “Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet” and I just started it.  It does not look promising. It’s a love story between a Chinese guy and a Japanese girl in Washington state.

Just in the first few pages, we have a character in 1986 who is seeking online support.  Items are being uncovered in the basement that were stored by Japanese Americans headed towards concentration camps.  The items include an electric rice cooker and a first communion gown. Continue reading

Passport update

Five weeks for the passport.  I still haven’t received my original documents back.  Nor have I received the passport card.  The status of my passport application never showed up on the state department website.  The status locator has been down for more than a week.

Mind where you live

A Quebec bank – the Laurentian – has been publicly castigated in a TV news report for racial profiling.

The bank issued a memo to its employees to refuse all requests (from auto dealers it partners with) for credit to buy RVs (a request to purchase an ATV was specifically mentioned) by people living in certain postal code areas, all of which are on Aboriginal Reserves. In addition, employees were told not to mention the words, ‘Indian’, ‘Indian reserve’ or ‘native’.

A VP of the bank said the bank did not discriminate based on race or postal code, while implying that the report was “not far off the mark”.

Race 101

This article in the Hartford Courant, ostensibly about a museum exhibition on race, does a good job of giving us a quick 101 on the concept of race. Unfortunately, once again, some commenters are demonstrating an inability to listen, which I define to my 7-year-old as, “pay attention, think about what is being said to you, make sure you understand, then do what you need to do.”