It’s come to this

The media reports about television shows.  And I read those reports.  Woe is me.  Anyway, I recently read that the two cheerleaders on “Glee” (the blonde one and the Latina one) are going to be promoted to series regulars.  Am I the only person who wishes the Latina weren’t the sex kitten?

So who does that leave out in the cold?  Just poor old Harry Shum Jr. and the black guy.  I don’t even know his name.  Which tells you something.

Also some of the singing makes my ears hurt.

More deportations

U.S. ADOPTIVE PARENTS of internationally adopted children: Make sure your children have their certificate of citizenship and a valid passport.  Brown folks, get a passport card.  And stay out of Arizona.

She was adopted from a Mexican orphanage and brought to the U.S.  Now she’s being detained pending deportation proceedings.  Her parents never obtained citizenship for her.

And if you ever wanted proof that adopted persons of color raised in white households don’t retain white privilege, just read some of the article comments.

Immigration and citizenship are going to become explosive problems in the near future, whether or not President Obama has the “appetite” (I’d say the “stomach”) to deal with them now.  And this is evident in the adoption community, where white privilege and willful ignorance of anti-immigrant sentiment keeps parents from protecting their children.  Continue reading

As seen by the census (part ii)

Remember those targeted ads for various racial and ethnic groups?  Well, the U.S. Census also put out a press release for Asian/Pacific American Heritage month in which it praises itself:

Number of Asian languages 2010 Census ads are in: Bengali, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), Hindi, Hmong, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Laotian, Tagalog, Thai, Urdu and Vietnamese. The Census has gone to great lengths to be true to the ethnicities it is trying to reach. For example, Chinese Americans are depicted in ads for Chinese Americans, rather than generic images of the Asian population.

Here’s that Chinese American depicted in the ad:
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Internet racism

Internet racism is nothing new.   At one time, many internet users subscribed to the notion that faceless interaction would lead to a decline in racism.  It was said that on the internet everybody is equal.  Since we can’t see each other’s faces, the only way we can judge others is by the content of their character.

It was just another version of colorblindness.  And you can see from Dr. Tynes’ research the colorblind ideology is linked to racism.

My first experience with colorblind racism was on a gardening forum, of all places.  And what I tended to notice was that white people didn’t assume other folks at the keyboard were a multi-hued group, all of whom were equal.  They tended instead to assume everybody on the other end was white.  And they posted accordingly.

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Angry Asian Man’s post about Glee reminded me that I never did write anything about this show.  People kept urging me to see it.  And when I did, I just couldn’t get all that excited.  It struck me as hipster racism masquerading as diversity.  Wasn’t it nice of the network to throw in a guy in a wheelchair, a couple of Asians, two black people, a Latina and a gay guy?

But who are the featured actors?  AAM nails it:  the white straight able folks.

Overall, the show annoyed me for a bunch of reasons.

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Things that make you go ‘hmmm …’

Many media sources are promoting a recently released Gallup poll to show that tea party supporters aren’t really all white.  Here are the results:

Tea Party Supporters All U.S. Adults
Non-Hispanic white 79 75
Non-Hispanic black 6 11
Other 15 15

According to the Census Bureau, in 2008 the percentage of “White persons not Hispanic” was 65.6.  So it appears that this group was oversampled.  We’ve also got an extra percent in “All U.S. Adults” somewhere.  (Yes, yes, I know that these things don’t always add up to 100 percent.)

I took a quick look, but couldn’t find the actual questions used by Gallup.  But there still seems to be something funny about the data.  Continue reading

How we learn

Last weekend I attended a school performance of little kids. I tried really hard to enjoy it.


Except I couldn’t help noticing that almost all of the featured children were white. And one blonde white girl who was given a solo was one of the worst singers I’ve ever heard. It reminded me of that old joke about how we’ll know we have achieved equality when we’re allowed to be mediocre.

The show was nominally about multiculturalism. Isn’t it grand? Although as Restructure! has pointed out, multiculturalism is not the same as anti-racism. In fact, the white conception of “multiculturalism” often promotes and furthers racism by denying its existence.  Continue reading