Life in the cancer ward

Remember M. Todd Henderson, who was barely scraping by with his family income reported to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $400,000?  He apparently is still clinging tightly to his privilege.  Here’s a quote from a Bloomberg article about how the super rich are barely managing:

M. Todd Henderson, a University of Chicago law professor who’s teaching a seminar on executive compensation, said the suffering is relative and real. He wrote two years ago that his family was “just getting by” on more than $250,000 a year, setting off what he called a firestorm of criticism.

“Yes, terminal diseases are worse than getting the flu,” he said. “But you suffer when you get the flu.”

My second favorite quote from this article: “People who don’t have money don’t understand the stress.”

Yo, is this racist?

Why yes it is.  (Regular readers may know this is one of my favorite responses when white people ask me this question.)

“Yo, is this racist?” is the name of Raymond Ti’s tumblr.  Interestingly, Ti says that 99 percent of his readers assume he is black.  We’ve found the same over here.

Ti’s tumblr can be found here.  Colorlines article here.

Non-Chinese Chinese?

Instead of  “Asian English.”

In Chinese, it reads “膽小和迅速增長的妓女.”  Which is a tart of another sort.  This photograph is reportedly from a Royal Caribbean cruise ship, and you can see the whole series here.  The other languages (at least the ones I have a passing acquaintance with) aren’t very good either.

If they were able to get it right, maybe we would say they write “awfully Chinese.”  Instead of “awful Chinese.”

One commenter says this type of ridiculous Chinese can be seen all over New York.  ;-D


A red-letter day

My mother hates answering machines and voicemail. So much so that she never leaves messages. I have never received a message from her in the history of my entire life, so I was a little worried to see one from her number (I have voicemail-to-text service). Obviously it had to be of great importance. Continue reading

Yes. I. Speak. English.*

*what one of my friends said to the Honors English teacher when asked.

Scene:  Community affair with lots of Asian folks.  Enter two white people.

White person #1:  Excuse.  Me!  Can. You. Tell. Me. Where. Is. The. Gymnasium?  You. Know. The. GYM-NA-SI-UM?

Me:  No.  I. Am. Sorry! But. This. Is. The. Auditorium.  You. Know. The. AU-DI-TOR-I-UM.

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