Except when it’s not

Garrick Hopkins and his brother, Carl Hopkins, Jr.

Because your home is your castle, except when it’s not.

Garrick Hopkins and his wife Denise bought some property in Cabell County (West Virginia), with the intention of building their dream home.  Hopkins was showing his brother Carl around when they were shot dead by a neighbor.  Who apparently used a rifle with a scope out of his window from a distance of more than 50 yards.  Here are some of the headlines:

“Two brothers shot and killed, mistaken for trespassers”
“Man points rifle out window, fatally shoots 2 men he thought were trespassing on his property”
“WV man shoots new neighbors he thought were on his property”
“Man kills new neighbors after mistaking them for burglars”
“West Virginia Man Kills New Neighbor, Neighbor’s Brother After Mistaking Them for Trespassers”

The sheriff was quoted by multiple sources saying that the Hopkins had every legal right to be on the property.  Which misses the point, in my opinion.

Timeline and details here.

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