George Rivera

As a kid I once wondered how blind people experienced race. So did Osagie K. Obasogie. Apparently they “see” it much as sighted people do:

Indeed, Obasogie argues, it is that continual filing away of information, and not any visually obvious reality, that trains us to see race and attach meaning to it. “We are all socialized to see race. But it’s only by talking to blind people that we really get a true understanding of how strong that socialization practice is,” Obasogie said. “What this study highlights is how the things that we think are obvious are often things that society works very hard to teach us.”

More here. Journal article here (pdf format).

2 thoughts on “Colorblindness.

  1. Hey jen, glad you appreciated it.

    I had an experience once with somebody I was with for an extended, excruciating group interview. And it made it clear that despite the fact she couldn’t see me, she still acted on judgments based on physical characteristics. It was creepy but fascinating.

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