‘Latest victim of the LAPD’

She is a 27-year-old pharmacist who was out drinking with some friends.  The police picked her up for public intoxication.  Somehow she ended up lying in the street with a shattered jaw and torn clothing.  She was in a medically-induced coma because of bleeding to her brain.

Kim Nguyen is suing the LAPD.  She states she was being sexually abused by the police.  Video footage directly contradicts the officers’ version of the incident.  They claimed she accidentally fell from the car.  Story here.  More here.

Oh, and for an additional dose of WTF-ery, both officers have been identified as 1.5ers from Korea.


One thought on “‘Latest victim of the LAPD’

  1. Not surprised by the race of the police officers. Abusive cops (and rapists) are unfortunately found in all ethnic groups/races. Since it’s LAPD, I’m not shocked that the officers are still on active duty.

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