2 thoughts on “Ugh.

  1. Ever wondered why the racialized minority (black, Arab, Indian, Tamil) population have the highest percentage of incarceration in North American prison systems, but the privileged class of white teachers in the TDSB named Benjamin Levin, Mary Gowans, Varla Abrams, Wade Vroom, Nathalie Champagne, Vivian Mavrou & Gordy Stefulic get a free pass in *** crimes against under-16 students? This is just ONE way that corporations make the rules of the land, making us into slaves. Private-prisoners are often farmed out AS SLAVES, by the way. In a world where The People can not choose the way they live their lives peacefully, and can be sent to prison merely to fill the pockets of greedy CEOs, yeah, dear, that’s slavery.I just wanted to point out some things not being seen or understood. Slavery also can very well be a term used to describe a society in which people working a full time job (or two, or three) still cannot afford to have a family, or even just live by themselves. This is an example where a single parent household of racialized families have the highest poverty ratio and male and female children are at risk of falling into poverty into adulthood. Canada & America are racist countries which have the upper 1% of white people who run things. People like Benjamin Levin gets a measly bail hearing for crimes which involve making kiddieporn and soliciting *** from 13 year old females online, but if a black teenager is caught crossing the street one second after the stop walk sign, the black teenager is accosted into the police car and has a criminal record for life. The Harper and Wynee government are unable to prosecute the 1% class and prevent further slavery, racism and marginalization of the racialized minorities. This is more of a class discrimination, but skin colour does play a role in whether one is marginalized or protected in society. Benjamin Levin, Mary Gowans, Vivian Mavrou, Gordy Stefulic, Wade Vroom, Nathalie Champagne, Varla Abrams and Chris Bolton are ALL WHITE in colour, but they do not represent the 99% of whites who struggle in this country.

  2. Many thanks for another great post on a great blog! I’ve just watched the film and it’s very familiar territory in the UK too. I chaired a Black Employees Support Group for a while and institutional, structural and personal racism, even if prooved in an official external tribunal nearly always resulted in the victim being marginalised further and forced to leave while the racists continued in positions of power and influence. This is so common as to be normalised within UK society. The immediate defense of those criticised for supporting institutional racism makes any discussion personal because there’s so much social capital invested in their peer groups and they can not contemplate loosing the privilidges their membership of whiteness bestows. Check out my recent blog post re: complaint to the BBC. http://nicknakorn.wordpress.com

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