Except racists breed

This is 7-year-old Jackson.  He wanted to be a KKK member for Halloween, so his mother obligingly made him a costume.

Jessica Black, Jackson’s mother, says her brother had the same costume when he was in kindergarten and again when he was 13.

So it’s tradition.  Just like the status quo and institutional racism.  black

You know, since we (well, maybe not you) elected an African American president, racism has been dying out.  Because racism is just a product of the times.  Nobody knew any better way back then.  And racism is going to die when all the old folks do.

Yeah.  Right.

6 thoughts on “Except racists breed

  1. I heard about this on the radio this morning..THIS is beyond ridiculous & totally unacceptable behavior..I tend to believe the mother is either mentally unbalanced OR mentally unbalanced! To think this is acceptable to teach a child is a form of NEGLECT. I tend to have alot of questions about the family background …Alot..And alot of ugly phrases/names not worth repeating. God bless and HELP America find its way out of this madness..Worse instead of better. Daily I hear of a story worse than the story before! Senseless murders of youth who haven’t had a chance to live..People being put behind bars for crimes that rich folks doing the same; aren’t.,..Injustice everywhere simply based on skin color..Sounds alot like slavery. A whole lot

  2. “Has anything you’ve done made your life better”? said to racist Edward Norton by Avery Brooks in film “American History X”

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