Shopping while black

The 97,241st edition.

Trayon Christian just wanted to buy a $350 belt.  He reportedly had to show identification just to buy the damn thing.  But after he did, the clerk apparently called the police.  Undercover officers questioned how he could afford to make such a purchase, and then dragged him to the police station.

We’ve all been there.  Because obviously our people couldn’t possibly have enough money to buy something like this.  Because we must have stolen the credit card or something.  I once asked why I had to show ID when using my credit card.  The cashier said, “It’s our policy.  We ask everybody.”  So I stood and watched as she rang up all the people in line after me.  None of them were asked for ID.

Christian decided he didn’t want the belt anymore.  And he filed suit.  Hope he wins.

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