Another Chinese adoptee murdered

Her name was Asunta Yong Fang Basterra Porto.  She was 12 years old.  Her body was found in the woods of Santiago de Compostela.  She had been drugged and died of asphyxiation.  Her adoptive parents have been charged with her murder.  The sedative used was apparently one purchased by the adoptive mother, and the rope found near the body was similar to rope found in the house.

According to Spanish-language news reports, Asunta may have been murdered because she stood to inherit a small fortune from her adoptive mother’s parents.  According to the adoptive mother, in June the girl had also been choked by a masked intruder who invaded the family home.  She did not report the crime at the time.

The adoptive mother’s account of the night Asunta died has been contradicted by video evidence of her car in another location.

[Spanish speakers:  Please contribute!]

Spanish-language links:   Defense  Reconstruction of the case 

Contradictory testimony (youtube link)

Edited to add:  English-language summary here.

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