‘Good deed punished? Controversial name changed but business drops off’

Ah, Ch*nk’s Steaks.  The place to go for cheesesteaks, whatever those are.  Never mind the racist name.

So after about a billion years, the owner of Ch*nk’s Steaks decided to rename it.  Even though those proud anti-PC folks screamed their heads off.  You know how they are.  They whine about everything.  They make mountains out of molehills.  They see anti-racism in everything.

And now, according to this article, the owner is suffering from a decline in business.  Because “no good deed goes unpunished.”  Or something.

The Philly’s writer closes his article with this:

If 10 percent of the do-gooders who cheered him for doing the right thing came in for an occasional steak or shake, he’d be fine.

The white lens.  No word about how well the owner would do if racists returned to eat there.  Instead of vowing “never again!” because the place is no longer named a racial slur.

I don’t know, I can’t seem to get all that worked up about this.  Because we already all know that doing the right thing is hard.  Because there are a lot of racists out there.  Because apparently the great cheesesteaks, whatever those are, weren’t really the draw.  No, apparently now that the name has changed, they don’t want to go to the place formerly known as “Ch*nk’s.”

Also because gear labeled “Ch*nk’s” is still sold in their gift shop.  Yeah.

One thought on “‘Good deed punished? Controversial name changed but business drops off’

  1. The restaurant was called “Chink’s” because that was the nickname of the original owner. From the time he was 7 until the time he died he went by Chink. His name was Sam Sherman. While the word can be on offensive and racist name/descriptor, this post seems over the top in assuming the name is all about racism. A lot of people probably aren’t going back, not because the name isn’t ‘racist’ enough for them, but because a new owner rebranded because of pressure about racism. Even though that wasn’t the point of the name. And even though “chink” is still a real word that has it’s own non-racist meaning.

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