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The keeerrriminny edition

Juror B29 gives an interview:  video  print  Sounds like she’s a literalist.  I have a lot of thoughts about what type of people they wanted on the jury, and she fits a couple of my criteria.

KTVU producers fired over Asiana fuck up:  Because they were dumb as rocks.  I remember in fifth grade our substitute teacher kept yelling out “Jim Shu.”  Maybe he switched jobs and went to KTVU.

George Zimmerman DID TOO save those people and Mark O’Mara says it was not staged:  Because you know how credible Mark O’Mara is.  Besides, I don’t care if George Zimmerman saves a hundred puppies from drowning.  Nothing he does will unkill Trayvon Martin.  Some of the conspiracy theory on the internet has some pretty convincing arguments in favor of this just being a PR stunt.

Saying racism is over is the new saying you have ‘a black friend’: Rex W. Huppke will be your white friend. Whether or not we need or desire a white friend is another story altogether.

Native American Journalists on Trayvon Martin: “The more that all people of color are able to enforce their rights in this country, the more likely that justice will eventually make its way to Native people.” –Gyasi Ross

Book adds valuable context to painful chapter in Japanese American history:  In “A Principled Stand,” recently released by the University of Washington Press,  Gordon Hirabayashi talks about his wartime experience.  Unfortunately he passed away in 2012.  I never cease to be amazed by the number of people who don’t know there were concentration camps in the United States.  “I never look at my case as just my own, or just as a Japanese American case,” he once said. “It is an American case, with principles that affect the fundamental human rights of all Americans.”   Hmm … sounds like there is a theme going on with what Ross said.

And finally Being white is awesome, so how could we be racist?

Okay loyal readers:  Get to it.

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