This is what institutional racism looks like

When you don’t have to worry about besmirching your educational institution’s name, because you’re so sure that the folks at Jefferson State Community College, Princeton University and Lee County High will agree with you.   Yeah, Harriet M. Rejonis, Jeff Wieler, and Robert Tison, that means you.

When you can make the stupidest, oldest jokes in the book about the L/R thing like Phil Ammann, Michael Andrew Westfall and Robert Tison and find yourself so witty and it never even crossed your mind that not only are you displaying an amazing lack of creativity but a low IQ.

When you have your own company or are self-employed like Phil Ammann and Peter Bella and don’t have to worry about pesky Asians and their allies.

When you work at the Illinois Appellate Court, First District, like Mark Vazquez, and don’t have to worry about what the court stands for, because we all know what it really stands for.

When you don’t worry about your job as a digital data analyst at Advanstar Communications, because probably all of Michael Andrew Westfall’s colleagues agree with him.

When you’re a realtor and a trustee at local government like Don Gelfund and even though Niles township is more than 12 percent Asian, you don’t have to worry about being a racist dick.  Because realtors like Gelfund and Andrew Joiner don’t want or desire Asian clients or clients who are anti-racist allies.

There will be many people who will agree with everything you posted.

And there are some people will sigh when they see what you have posted.

But they will never say a word.


Attached:  Various comments about that whole “Fright 214” thing.


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