Manslaughter case ends in mistrial

The jury could not reach a decision and a mistrial was declared.  Officer Joe Weekley will return to court in July.  He was charged with involuntary manslaughter because he shot the seven-year-old in the head during a raid.  The suspect being sought was in another apartment in the same building.

Weekley claimed Jones’ grandmother grabbed his gun when he entered.  She denies this and the cop immediately behind Weekley testified he saw no struggle.

The jury was composed of eleven white people and one black person.  Not that it matters.

Because we’re a colorblind society.  Which is why people (white people) had so little reaction to Aiyana Jones being mistakenly shot in the head.  Here’s the actual family photo of Jones:


Because nobody reacts to innocent little girls getting “accidentally” shot to death.

Remember Brisenia Flores?  How about Christina Taylor Green?  I ran the numbers again:


Brisenia Flores:  33,800 results

Aiyana Jones:  1,010,000 results

Christina Taylor Green:  43,500,000 results

Because it must have been Aiyana Jones’ fault somehow.  Because she was somewhere she wasn’t supposed to be.  Because she was sleeping on the sofa in the living room.  Because an accused murderer lived upstairs from her.  Because her family is just looking for a big payout.

You’d better believe that if Jones had been a little white girl, her family would be encouraged to sue.  Her family would be all over the news.  They would scream out their rage and frustration and anger.  And we’d see less of this problematic victim-blaming.  Their call for justice would undoubtedly be answered.  Because seven-year-old (white) girls aren’t supposed to be murdered in their sleep by police.

But black girls are collateral damage.  Because police officers have difficult jobs.

Because people (white people) don’t see Aiyana Jones as a little seven-year-old girl who was murdered.  Because that’s one of the costs of racism.

One thought on “Manslaughter case ends in mistrial

  1. The trial is going to restart in August—and yes,the family (who I met at a protest about the trial) has been accused online (just like the Martin family) of looking for a payout—-which is ridiculous—a young girl was shot for really NO reason to begin with, and it’s been nearly four years and they’re still waiting for justice? You’re darn right if little Ayana was a white girl, they probably would not even have had to wait even this long to see any justice. I blame the guy they were looking for,who was responsible for the murder of a 17-year named Je’rean Blake—he was the reason the house was even raided in the first place,thought he lived in the flat upstairs,not with Ayana’s family (he’s been tried and is currently locked up now,as far as I know.)

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