Doesn’t even begin to cover it

She had three adopted daughters.  But she wanted four.  She didn’t receive approval for the fourth adoption in 2007.  So what did she do?  She forced her oldest daughter (then 14) to become pregnant through artificial insemination.

The link is here.

4 thoughts on “Doesn’t even begin to cover it

  1. What I will never understand is how these things happen. The twisted mother, and the more twisted daughter. I pity the daughter, and I can almost picture it happening – the bonds between biological mother and child are just that deep at times. Sexually exploiting your daughter to conceive for you? What bizarre horror.

  2. Um..What’s up with that language in the first sentence of the article saying she “persuaded” her daughter to do this? No way! She was 14!

    This makes me so sick to my stomach. How did they let someone this awful adopt 3 girls???

  3. The case “raises concern over how easily donor sperm can be obtained.” SERIOUSLY? That’s the concern it raises? Oh yeah, because someone this crazy wouldn’t have had a Plan B, sperm being so rare and all.

    Um, how about some concern about how this lunatic managed to adopt three children and raise them in isolation? Someone saw enough to refuse permission for a fourth adoption, but didn’t notice anything strange enough to merit a little investigation?

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