I yam what I yam

So I noticed there was a vegetarian restaurant right by the train station.  It looked good, but I went and checked out a couple of other places before going in.  When I did finally enter, the guy greeted me with, “I saw you hanging around out there and wondered when you were coming in.”

Me:  Dude.  You lived in the United States, didn’t you?

He had indeed.  As well as a couple of other places.  For some unknown reason, he switched to another language, which I can speak conversationally.  We traded our histories.  His was more interesting than mine.

He tested out my Mandarin, too, but apparently found it lacking.  So he switched back.

I ordered this dish.  It’s a vegan wonton soup.  He asked me if I was vegan or vegetarian before taking my order.  Good thing he knew those words in English.  Because I sure as heck don’t know them in any other language.


It was good and I was hungry.  And when I got ready to leave, he rounded down my tab so it cost me a little less than $3 U.S.

3 thoughts on “I yam what I yam

  1. Resistance, are you vegan? Never did I suspect to find food would be a topic here. Also, the title made me smile. What’s next? Tea? My Gongfu is stronger than yours!

  2. I’m not vegan. I was vegetarian for a while but had to quit. Are you? I enjoy eating vegan because I like to see what the possibilities are.

    And most people have more gongfu than me. *hangs head shamefully*

  3. Peace.

    Yes, I happen to be vegan. My friend was in China a few years back, and she couldn’t stop telling me about how much vegan food there was there. Vegan menus at restaurants, good menus at that, and even vegan restaurants. She’s an omnivore, but she kept on bragging about the flavor and look of it. I can’t fathom why veganism has taken root in the far east, vegetarianism I understand, but veganism? Either way, it’s awesome you stopped by a veg restaurant :)

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