History repeats itself

So after about a million years, “Chink’s Steaks” is going to be renamed.  According to one newspaper reporter, it’s because slurs no longer slide off the tongue as smoothly as cheese.*  Or something.  I can’t remember and the unspoken vacation-blogging agreement is that readers can consult google themselves if they are at home using reliable internet providers.

*I should note that undoubtedly among my gentle readers, slurs don’t and didn’t slide off their tongue like drool on a jet-lagged day/night. So maybe it’s just certain folks *ahem* who have that problem.

The steak shop formerly known as “Chink’s” made an announcement about the name change on its facebook page.  It garnered a few kudos, but served more as a general display of the dismaying hopelessness of the human race.  (Which is why we don’t typically read newspaper comments, as we prefer not to become either homicidal or suicidal.)  As with the newspaper comments, there was a big old dose of racism served up with the ignorance.  Which also answers the question, “Is it really racism?  Or is it just ignorance?”  It can be both, for your information.

But I digress, and I am sure I will be sorry when my internet cuts out and I have not yet completed this post.

One of the facebook comments caught my eye in particular.  It’s a stunning display of ventriloquy:


Tina Wroblewski-Evans:  Chinks will ALWAYS be Chinks to me!  My girls, who went there for the first time last year, were sad to hear the name change–and they are Chinese!!!!

Wonder if she’s related to General DeWitt …

And I asked, because I know you all are dying to know, and yes, her daughters were adopted from China.


It takes a special kind of something to take two adopted Chinese kids to a diner called “Chink’s.”  But the right word for it just won’t slide off my tongue.  Mostly because I’m sure it would leave a very bad taste.  But maybe this news article should be required reading for prospective adoptive parents who are shopping for children from Asian countries.  And then an essay should be required.  Kind of like the SATs, only harder.  And of course, we’d ask you to explain your position.  In your own words.

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