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The adoption edition.

Death of adopted Russian child in U.S. spurs anger in Moscow:  Three-year-old Max Shatto’s death is still under investigation.  It appears he had been beaten.  This article mentions that twenty American children adopted from Russia have died [at the hands of their adoptive parents].  However, it goes on to note “Russia, however, is not an easy place for children.”

Ukrainians outraged as US dad shoots adopted Ukrainian boy:  Andrew Arthur Butler was thirteen, and his 73-year-old adoptive father was allegedly trying to teach the boy how to use a gun.

‘”He said he heard a gunshot and felt like the boy was shooting at him so he spun around and fired a shot back,” Link said after Saturday’s shooting.’

He shot the boy in the head.

Ohio child rape case unusual and haunting:  I’d agree with “haunting,” but I’m not sure how “unusual” it is.  The Frank Lombard case wasn’t that long ago.  The agency apparently used interns to perform some social worker functions.  Another Ohio man who raped the child pleaded guilty.

Indian woman wants adopted daughter back:  She was abducted and has been living in Australia with adoptive parents.

‘”She’s a complete Australian and we don’t think she should be forced to go back into a situation where she doesn’t speak the language, she doesn’t understand the culture and she doesn’t know any of the people,” her father said.’  Oh, okay then!

Widow owes rejected adopted daughter millions, court rules:  A little girl was adopted from China.  And her megabucks parents set up a trust for her as well as their biological kids.  Then the dad kicked off.  About six years later, the adoptive mother un-adopted the kid.  She then claimed the kid had no claim to the estate.  Makes sense, because $250 million really isn’t enough to share.  But the court thought different.

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