Go vote.

Make your voice heard.  There are ample resources to inform your choices.  Take a look at the judicial evaluations as well.

And know your rights.  Photo IDs are only required in a handful of states.  There are voter ID requirements in many states.  Google “[Name of your state] voter ID laws” and know before you go.  Here’s one link.  Here’s another.  Being challenged at the polls is one common form of voter intimidation.  I was requested to show photo ID the last time I voted but I refused because I know the law.  I have also challenged election judges to show me specific sections of the Election Code, which I have read thoroughly.  And sometimes the judges “can’t find” my name on the roster.  Guess I must look like one of those liberal Commie types.  <vbg>

Call your friends in swing states and remind them to vote too.  And check out the important issues on your state ballot.  But get out there.  Vote.


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