Gone fishing.

My posts are going to be sporadic for a while, as I am dealing with multiple emergencies.  These folks are in bad shape.  One is in a nursing home and the other is in the hospital.  It is clear neither will be able to live independently again.  I’ve been trying to keep a handle on their bills.  Their apartment has to be cleaned out.  And I think I might have some difficulty establishing myself as guardian for them.  Somebody who is never around took them a couple of years ago to get power of attorney and wills.  I found out why so many old people get scammed.  Because you can make them sign anything.

I have to explain terrible, heart-wrenching things in a language that no longer comes to my tongue.  Because one will be leaving the other soon.  Because they will never again share a home or a bed.

At the nursing home and at the hospital, they keep asking me where is the rest of the family.  They all know my name.  They’ve all heard about me.  They ask Isn’t there anybody else?


7 thoughts on “Gone fishing.

  1. I’m so sorry, Resistance. Also thinking of you and wishing you the best in what sounds like an incredibly hard time.

  2. My family is going through this too, but just my dad=dementia, head trauma from falls, nursing homes. Mom left us 10 years ago. I would advise calling Volunteer Lawyers Network. They work free. Don’t know where you are but I bet there is something like this available. You need to get poa if you are the one caring for them and paying their bills for them. And since you are, I think the Universe is probably on your side and you can get what you need. Adding my prayers. Best.

  3. Thank you everybody for your thoughts. Going to a couple of meetings today and doing a bunch of other guardian-related things. Think I may have found an interpreter as well. Julia and Anne M., I’m thinking of you too.

    He asked me about another person yesterday and I had to tell him I had been telling that person what’s going on. That I don’t know why that person doesn’t come. That person lives less than ten minutes away.

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