‘Asian American Artists Reinvent the Comic Book’


Now at the Museum of  Chinese in America:   Alt.Comics: Asian American Artists Reinvent the Comic.   From the website:

The exhibition will explore how Asian Americans have used the comic book medium to both critique old representations and relate their stories to a wide audience, featuring new and early original artwork from artists Gene Luen Yang, Derek Kirk Kim, Thien Pham, Lark Pien, Jason Shiga, GB Tran, Jerry Ma, Larry Hama, Alex Joon Kim, and Christine Norrie.

The exhibition focuses on alternative and independent comics spaces, showing the work and relationships between different creators from this community. A specific focus will be the San Francisco Bay Area’s and New York City’s Asian American alternative comic scenes, which fostered some of the most talented and high-profile artists working today.

Image above is from Gene Luen Yang’s American Born Chinese, which I found extremely disturbing. Which was maybe its point. New Yorkers, let me know what you think. And check out “Marvels and Monsters” while you’re at it.

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