‘I wish I would have had the courage to say no’

From the Asians behaving badly files of the Tribune comes this article:  U.S. speed skater admits to sabotage of rival’s skates.

Speedskater Simon Cho used a bending machine to ruin the blade of a rival skater right before the World Team Championships.  Why?  Here’s Cho’s explanation:

Cho, a native of South Korea, said Chun, also South Korean, asked him three times to “mess with somebody’s skates.” Cho said he declined twice.

“The final time, he came to me not only as a coach but as an elder and a fellow Korean,” Cho said. “In Asian culture when an elder asks you to do something very difficult, to deny the request, no matter how ridiculous it might sound at the time … I had a lot of pressure from that.”

Seriously, dude? Asian culture made it tough to deny? This is all kinds of wrong. I think it might stem more from the sports culture of winning is everything, myself. But whatever.

Note for the record that Cho came here when he was very young and grew up in the Maryland suburbs of Washington.

Photo by Leon Neal/AFP


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