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Another site bringing hate into the spotlight: UNL Haters.  This tumblr was apparently modeled after a similar site at  OSU.  It posts screen captures of racist and other -ist tweets online.

These sites have faced predictable backlash and have heard just about every single one of the We Heard It Befores™.  I find it especially ironic that these sites are being labeled “racist.”  Because exposing racism is itself racist, yanno.  Because if you discuss a problem, you are creating the problem! It’s your fault!

Comments around the internet additionally display just how unclear most people are about the concept of “free speech.”

Free speech does have some limits:   Obscenity, libel and consumer affairs come to mind.  Also the whole “you can’t shout fire in a crowded theatre” and the “fighting words” doctrine.

In any event, the biggest misconception many people have about free speech is that they have the right to say anything they please without any sort of consequences.  Which isn’t the case.  Once again, it’s about freedom from interference by  the gubbermint.

They scream about how such sites are against free speech without recognizing that the bloggers behind those sites are exercising their own free speech rights.  A novel concept, apparently difficult for many h8ters to grasp.  Yes, folks have the right to post ridiculous, moronic, racist, sexist, homophobic tweets for the world to see.  And people have the right to respond.

So anyway, if you’re so proud of your free speech, go ahead and tweet to the world.  Don’t be surprised when the world turns on the light.

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