Where were you?

I looked out the window of my office and saw the construction workers were just standing around in a daze.  The drive home took more than two hours; it normally takes 45 minutes.  The needle was almost on “E” but long lines of cars snaked around the gas stations.  Somebody yelled out his car window “WAR !  WAR!  WAR!”

That evening my best friend called from the other side of the world.

Early the next morning I wrote a letter in response:

I have fervently hoped that I would never see war again during my lifetime, and I maintain that same hope now. I worry that people of Arab descent will be targeted for malice and hatred during the weeks to come. Every time I hear somebody say, “This is just like Pearl Harbor again,” I am reminded, painfully, of the treatment of Americans of Japanese descent during the second world war.

The news only got worse. Later I received a word that a friend’s daughter was missing. He and his family drove directly to the site to lend a hand.


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