Someone didn’t get the memo

The University of Chicago’s Alpha Delta Phi (John Dawson via

Because the rule is no theme parties for you.  Because you can’t seem to think of a fun! theme that isn’t racist.  Despite (or maybe because of) the expensive education you’re theoretically in the process of receiving.  Example one:  The University of Chicago fraternity Alpha Delta Phi had its pledges wear sombreros and mow the lawn.

Example two:  Delta Upsilon followed with a  “Conquistadors and Aztec Hoes” party.

Delta Upsilon hastened to point out that the fraternity has two Puerto Ricans.  (We’ve heard it before!)

Example three:  At a California high school, students held a “Seniores [sic] and Senoritas” party.  They dressed as gardeners, a pregnant woman, the border patrol, gang members, etc.

This shit starts early, with crap like dressing up as “Indians” for Thanksgiving.  Children’s books.  Then there’s all that cultural cooptation and appropriation.  Racist jokes and images.   Plus the it’s not racist it’s all in good fun Halloween costumes.  (I got tired of writing an annual Halloween post.  Feel free to search the blog or click here for some ranty goodness.)

That’s why we talk about racism as being an institutional system.  Because it isn’t just about hurt feelings.

(College sure does breed and encourage racists.  Both OSU and Purdue have twitter accounts where somebody hilarious makes a lot of switched R and L jokes.  Because it’s original and so funny, yanno.  The writer behind the OSU account decided to stop posting as of a few days ago.)

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