Update – Valley Swim Club

Remember this 2009 story (updated here) about some black day campers who had a fully-paid membership to a swim club cancelled because it would “change the complexion” of the club?  There has been a settlement in the case:

Attorneys for Creative Steps said Friday that 73 members of the camp – including 66 children – will share a settlement of $700,000 to $1.1 million, pending approval from a federal bankruptcy court judge.

The settlement money will be culled from sales of the swim club’s assets, and money will be placed in a trust for members of Creative Steps who are minors.

Some of the money is reportedly going to be used for a diversity program. Additional updates as details warrant.


2 thoughts on “Update – Valley Swim Club

  1. Does this mean that the swim club closed/went bankrupt? I find that unfortunate, just because so many places close or go fully private to simply avoid serving POC or any other group they deem unworthy. I dunno if it’s better to get begrudging, crow-eating service from the original d-bags, or to just have a place assume new mgmt.

  2. I read somewhere the club filed for chapter 7, and sold the pool to a synagogue for a million plus.

    A lot of times when companies don’t want our business, they simply make it unpleasant for us and hope we’ll go away.

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